Who can sign up?

    Any GP or GP registrar who currently practices in south western Sydney and is interested in participating in clinical re-design projects can sign up.

    What is the time commitment?

    This depends on the project you agree to participate in. Typically it would be a few hours per month. When projects become available, we will provide details on how often and for how long the project team will meet so you can make an informed decision.

    Do I get a choice of what projects I participate in?

    Yes. When a project becomes available, we will email everyone who has expressed an interest in that topic and can participate on those days. If you are interested in participating on that project, you let us know and we arrange everything else.

    What if I can't commit to a long-term project?

    This is fine. When a project comes up, we will provide details on the expected length of time the project will run for, as well as how often and for how long meetings will last. If this information meets what you can assist with, nominate yourself. If you are unable to commit to that project, short-term projects are also likely to come up in the future.

    What if a number of GPs want to do the same project?

    rsGP will usually select the GP(s) who responds first. There is no selection process. However, if our records state that a GP is on other projects or has been on many other projects, preference may be given to a GP who has not participated previously.

    What experience do I need?

    You need to be a GP practising in south western Sydney. The underlying goal of rsGP is to make sure that the primary care perspective is included in SWSLHD redesign projects. For that to occur, we needs GPs who work in the area to provide that perspective.

    Do I need to attend these meetings in person?

    No. It is commonplace for re-design projects to have a number of project members teleconference or video-conference in. rsGP will confirm this information before looking for participants.